Angashion Women's Open Front Long Coat


  • Stay cozy and stylish in the Angashion Women's Long Fuzzy Open Front Coat. This coat is designed to keep you warm and trendy, making it a must-have for your wardrobe.

  • Crafted from a blend of 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex, this coat offers both comfort and durability. It's all about staying snug during chilly days while looking chic. The open front design adds a touch of elegance to your outfit.

  • With its long sleeves and knee-length cut, this coat brings a versatile and fashionable edge to your look. The faux fur lapel adds a luxurious detail that's perfect for various occasions, whether you're heading out for everyday errands or attending more formal events. Regardless of the season – spring, fall, or winter – this coat is your go-to choice.
Size Chart


Size To Fit Bust ( In ) To Fit Waist ( In ) To Fit Hip ( In )
XS 32" 26" 35"
S 34" 28" 37"
M 36" 30" 39"
L 38" 32" 41"
XL 40" 34" 43"
2XL 42" 36" 45"



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Beautiful but not sherpa material

This is soft and luxurious but was disappointed it is not made of sherpa but furry. It’s perfectly warm but not overly so. I use it for the movies and attending hockey games. Can’t wait to use it when the weather cools down again.

A. Ocampo
Just what I wanted! Lightweight, soft and warm

I was hesitant in ordering because of some of the reviews; but I decided to go for it and glad I did! I live in the Midwest (Chicago suburbs), so this isn’t meant to be a winter coat. But I could easily wear this on chilly days, in the 30-40s, to run errands… I have other fuzzy fleece hoodies so I knew what kind of material I was expecting. It’s super soft. It comes vacuum-sealed. There was no odor. You have to shake it really good so the loose fuzz falls off. I used a steamer to get out the wrinkles and to set the lapel the way I like it.

I’m about 5’3” with fairly broad shoulders 36B and wear size 4/27. Amazon sizing suggested that I get a small but I opted for the medium. I wanted a loose fit but not too oversized. I can easily wrap/overlap it closed. There’s good room under the pits - I don’t like it snug. I took pics to show with just a T-shirt under and with a sweatshirt added. I like the lining inside - it helps if you’re wearing a sweater/sweatshirt. Length for me is perfect - comes down just below my knees. Sleeves are nice and long. I think the pockets are good - not super deep but not too shallow. I ordered it in black too! Hope it’s as good!

This coat is JUST what I wanted!!

So - I don't normally leave reviews but there were so many conflicting reviews on this coat so I wanted to share my experience. For those looking for a traditional "thicker" teddy bear coat - this isn't it. And, that's fine by me. For me - a thicker coat would make me look like a linebacker, which is why I never bought any of the ones in the stores. However, it is a nice, thinner, teddy-bear coat - and for me it does not feel like a "blanket". It DOES have a lining. I also find it true to size. I ordered a XXL which fit perfectly. The arm length was also good for me, and it stops right at my knee - which is what I wanted. It arrives in a vacuum-sealed pack

 I kind of love it?

I got the 2226 Dark Camel version with pockets in a small, and it fits great. I'm 5'4", 135 lbs, and usually my measurements indicate I'm a small on most size charts. But usually my shoulders seem too wide in whatever size I match up with. I still got a small in this jacket and it is totally good. It fit with room over my bulky wool cable knit sweater, so that was cool. Definitely intended to be a roomy, relaxed fit jacket.

Also it doesn't seem like a bath robe. I know some other reviewers said they felt like the other model with no pockets really just felt like a robe, and I didn't want that so I got the one with pockets. And I think it has good structure. Definitely enough to present as a jacket, and not a robe. And it has silky material lining the inside so that also makes it present much more like outerwear than a robe.

First impression positives: it looks like the picture; the pockets are a tiny bit high, but overall appropriately placed and true to seller image; sizing was accurate

First impression negatives: for some reason I thought it would be thicker and softer. That could totally due to my perception of the photos, but it has a cheaper look to it, in my opinion. The first thing I thought when I opened it was, "This isn't worth $50 bucks."

To be fair, it was totally super shrink wrapped so maybe the constant pressure on it for who knows how long really affected how it looks and feels initially. Maybe it'll fluff up a bit now that it's not sealed air tight. The shrink wrap also made it super wrinkly and that was kind of unappreciated.

The jacket is pretty thin. When I held it up to the light I could totally see the light coming through the fabric.

Overall, it looks and feels a bit cheaper than it's price point, but I also kind of love it? It was a rollercoaster of emotions trying that thing on, loving it and hating it from second to second. But yeah, I think I'm going to keep it. I recommend it, just remember you're buying a cheap Chinese made garment off of Amazon so you get what you get.